Jessica and Vesna Lovelock, Co-Authors


Vesna Lovelock is a former human resources executive and proud mother.

The arrival of her daughter, Jessica, completely transformed the Lovelock household. Vesna believed strongly in imaginative play; toys took over their living space, their walls were covered in artwork, and every bin was overflowing with children’s books.

These books became the gateway to explore many fantastic worlds, which, with a little extra imagination, often sparked the creation of completely new stories. Jessica especially loved when her mom would regale her with their unique tales.

One of Jessica’s favourites was the story of her beloved Blanky, which ended with her mom gently lifting the baby blanket high in the air and dropping it on her as though it were floating down from the sky. As Jessica snuggled into Blanky’s warm folds, Vesna would gently kiss her good night, a simple, powerful ritual that made her feel loved and secure.

Many years later, the mother/daughter team has drawn on those happy memories to produce their first children’s book, How Blanky Found Me.

Their wish is that all children have a special Blanky to keep them warm and cozy, especially during times of stress and healing. Passionate about supporting children in need, Vesna and Jessica are donating a portion of the proceeds from each copy of How Blanky Found Me to The Hospital for Sick Children. All donated funds will be directed to the Jessica Lovelock Tribute Fund in support of childhood cancer research.

Kris Crowe, Illustrator


Kris Crowe is an artist and illustrator who lives in Carlisle, Ontario.   She studied art at Queen’s University and Ontario College of Art, and learned classical animation at Sheridan College in Oakville.  Her background in art and illustration was enhanced by her years spent in Brazil, Romania, the Czech Republic and China.  While living in Prague she was trained in the classic style of Czech marionette making.  Illustrating “Blanky” was a very special project since she was able to work with her niece and sister-in-law to bring Jessica’s story to life.