My granddaughter LOVES the book. She is 6 years old and she does have a blanky too. When I first gave it to her I read the story twice in a row (at her request) and every time since she helps me read it. She is learning to read and is quite good. She gets excited when the page comes with the WAHOOO on it because she has to say that. I might add, when we read it, the blankies that might be around do grow wings and she helps them fly. Thank you once again for a wonderful story.

Debra McPhail
Toronto, Canada

“How Blanky Found Me” and its “magic dust” is a marvelous children’s book that my three daughters love. The story and illustrations are enchanting & get the mind of a child bubbling with pure imagination. This book equally gives them a wonderfully warm sense of comfort and security before bedtime. We thank you Jessica and Vesna for sharing your beautiful creation with the world and for taking it a step further by donating a portion to Childhood Cancer at Sick Kids Hospital – so dear to our hearts! We cherish and will treasure our copy of your book – always!

Lana Salerno
Philadelphia, USA

I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived on Tuesday. My daughter was thrilled that you had signed it– it really took her by surprise and she was fascinated! She sat down to read the book immediately; she read it several times with a babysitter on Tuesday, and I read it to her again when I got home! Thanks again for a lovely book!

Susan Cournoyer
Watertown, USA